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Our Values


Our relationships with customers, employees and partners are conducted with respect.


We have the desire to exceed ourselves, to innovate and to progress by aiming to excellence.


“Success has always been a child of audacity”, Crébillon.
It is in this spirit that BERNARD FAVRE creations are founded and developed.


We persevere and pursue our projects with passion.

Bernard Favre

    "La tradition c'est l'audace"

Bernard Favre was born and grew up in the Canton of Neuchatel in Switzerland, the heartland of fine watchmaking. As a child he was always interested in any mechanical items and as a teenager rebuilt a TVR, an iconic English sports car. After studying at Music Conservatory in Zurich, with a view to being a professional musician (drums were his passion), he decided that he enjoyed music more when he was playing purely for pleasure rather than money and transitioned to a successful career in sales.

For over 20 years, Bernard Favre, an accomplished Swiss craftsman, has been lending his skills to the high end Swiss watch industry. Inventor, creator and producer of tailor-made accessories, he has been working with some of the most famous names in Swiss watchmaking. His experience provided him with an excellent insight into the value of a watch and how best to enhance it.

In 2009, he designed and developed the Planet, a watch winder for luxury watches, which he unveiled to the world on 19th April 2011. This exclusive product combines functionality with innovative design and the highest quality. Beautifully crafted, it is accessible to a wide audience whilst never deviating from the principles of fine watchmaking.

Rigorous and meticulous, Bernard Favre has been working for many years with the most skilled local craftsmen, who are all driven by the same passion. Combined, these talents keep traditional values alive. This collaboration alone can ensure his sophisticated craftsmanship boasts a high-quality finish and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Bernard Favre is an insatiable explorer, constantly on the lookout for new ideas. His workshop is a veritable experimental laboratory, where projects in the preliminary stages or unique pieces created for renowned clients cohabit. Finding his inspiration in daily life, in contact with nature, the unexpected or in the course of his peregrinations, he does not hesitate to sketch out his ideas by blithely combining cardboard, nails and string to test the merits of his systems. From his technical drawings are born high quality components made by experienced master craftsmen, sharing the same passion for the craft and common values: attention to detail, quality of finish and respect for watchmaking traditions. Assembled in Bernard Favre’s workshop, his creations illustrate the successful combination of “Swiss made” talent and know-how, combining innovation, pure design, technical research and functionality.

A free spirit and visionary, Bernard Favre creates exceptional mechanical objects of great accuracy based on original concepts. Although he is particularly passionate about metal, a legacy of his father, a gold smelter, he favours noble materials such as leather, carbon fibre, glass and wood.


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