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   Watch Winder

Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet watch winders keep your automatic watches wound at an optimal level so that they are ready to wear at any moment, look fantastic and are mesmerizing to watch in operation.

Unlike many watch winders on the market, the Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet does not overwind watches thanks to the nine program options, ensuring an optimal winding setting for any timepiece.

Years of research and development have led in 2011 to the realization of the first watch winder that rotates on two axes to better replicate the wrist’s movement.

The Planet double-axis watch winder is manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest standards.

The ultra silent high-efficiency Swiss motor runs for three months on a single battery charge.

The battery is quickly charged by a USB cable and can be left permanently connected.

An elegant glass dome both protects the watch from dust and curious hands as well as adding to the mystery of the kinetic ballet within.

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