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Overhaul & Warranty Offer

Updated: Mar 13

Overhaul & Warranty Offer

Discover Our Overhaul & Warranty Offer

 With a commitment to ecological responsibility and a deep appreciation for our craftsmanship, Bernard Favre is pleased to introduce an overhaul & warranty offer.


For 95 CHF (excluding shipping), you now have the opportunity to benefit from a comprehensive overhaul* of your Planet Watch Winder, coupled with a two-year warranty extension.


This initiative underscores our dedication to the enduring legacy of our creations, ensuring their sustained excellence for generations to come.


For more information or to benefit from this offer, please contact us at:


*This offer includes only a technical review. Damages to the cylinder base, rings, and/or glass bell are not covered.

Please contact us if you wish to receive an offer regarding these elements.


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